Don’t look now but Grace Miller is within striking distance of achieving its 2010-11 PTA membership goal. “Our goal is to obtain 400 memberships school wide by Friday, Sept. 24, and we’re 90% there,” said Julie Harris, PTA President at Grace Miller Elementary School. Leading the membership surge are PTA parents Vince and Vicky Maliszewski. […]
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Northern California may have the Silicon Valley, but SoCal has the Grace Miller Tech Club, now numbering about 63 fourth and fifth graders. On June 3, the young wizards hosted a tech showcase, where parents and the greater community were treated to PowerPoint slideshows, electronics quizzes, videos and other digital displays.   “Our students are […]
Look, dad!   For the 106th time, Bonita High School proudly celebrated the graduation of its senior class, a total of 426 students who had earned the distinct honor and privilege of switching the tassels on their mortarboards from the right to the left, symbolizing the ending of one chapter of their lives and the […]
Have you checked the price of projector bulbs lately? If one goes on the fritz, by the time you requisition a new one, it could take weeks to receive it, if it arrives at all, given lean school budgets these days. Without something as simple as projector bulb, students could literally be left in the […]