Move over William Sonoma! Get out of my way, Sur Le Table! The Village Kitchen Shoppe may not be as mighty or as well known as either specialty retailer of quality kitchen ware, but the 2,500-square-foot neighborhood store in the heart of Glendora’s gumdrop-shaped, ficus tree-lined shopping district knows its way around the kitchen, thank […]
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What is life without dessert? The Dessert Shoppe on Bonita in San Dimas makes speciality cheescakes, cream puffs and just about any other delectable treat you can imagine. Ain’t life sweet!
Taste of Asia offers a taste of magnificence. It is like heaven on a fork, offering a fusion of the best dishes from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and China.
As much as I love great deals like free parking at Sunset Beach (between Huntington and Seal Beach) and All You Can Eat Spaghetti Wednesdays at the Pizza Barn, I’ve got another secret you won’t be able to stop talking about. Mi Ranchito, a La Verne favorite for 15 years and in business for 35 […]
Several readers of La Verne Online have come up to me and asked about my favorite restaurants in La Verne. To tell you the truth, the answer to that question is a pot-boiler or maybe more accurately a simmering one. For I do not judge a restaurant – usually – by one experience alone unless […]
La Verne Online doesn’t want its readers to be too provincial in their culinary choices. Therefore, we occasionally will venture past city limits to offer a few extraordinary restaurants that we think you’ll enjoy. We like to throw our few neighbors a few crumbs when they truly deserve it. Walters (310 Yale Avenue Claremont) is […]
Moving faster than a New York minute, Sal Mangiafreno, a Queens-born and raised baker now living in La Verne, is preparing bagels, baguettes, dinner rolls, turnovers, and deep dish Sicilian pizza before opening the doors at 6 a.m. to his New York City’s Finest Bakery and Café in West Covina. His hands are a blur, […]
Saffron — carefully handpicked from the burgundy-colored crocus (crocus sativus) — is the world’s most expensive spice. Each flower provides only three stigmas, yet it takes more than 14,000 of them to produce one ounce of saffron. The flavor is distinct, pungent and integral to hundreds of dishes, such as bouillabaisse, paella, risotto and many […]
Linda Wilkinson is downsizing. The magnificent backyard of her 20-plus room modern Colonial estate on Old Ranch Road in La Verne that has hosted so many weddings and fundraisers over the years will be replicated on a smaller scale in her new Third Street restaurant called Chases, expected to open in December or January. The […]
By Peter Bennett Every time I have guests in town, especially from the wrong coast, they want to sample SoCal’s famous Mexican cuisine. Depending on where an outing takes us — from Santa Barbara to San Diego — I can usually rely on one of these Mexican restaurants to provide a delicious meal or a scenic setting […]