CHRISTMAS IDEA: Lay a Brick for a Veteran

November 20, 2011
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Artist's rendition of the planned Veterans Memorial.

Artist's rendition of the planned Veterans Memorial.

If you are searching for the ideal, thoughtful Christmas or birthday present for someone special in your life, the La Verne Veterans Memorial Committee may have the solution.  The committee has been raising funds and enthusiasm for the proposed memorial, which will be located in front of Veterans Hall on the corner of Bonita Avenue and Magnolia Street in La Verne.  One of the main features of the memorial will include bricks and pavers that can be purchased and dedicated in honor or in memory of someone’s military service.


“These bricks will become a legacy that tells a story of selfless service, commitment, and national pride,” said Dan Harden, La Verne Veterans Memorial committee member.  “Your message will become a permanent part of local history and teach generations to come an important lesson about sacrifice, honor, and courage.”


“As a veteran of the United States Navy, I can’t think of a more thoughtful gift to commemorate a time in our lives when we accomplished things we never thought possible and learned perhaps the most important lessons of our lives,” said Don Kendrick, Mayor of La Verne.


The bricks are completely customizable.  Bricks can be dedicated in one person’s name or a family name if there are multiple veterans in one family. The options are endless.  For example a person, business, or organization can inscribe a brick with a general message of support or gratitude for all veterans or acknowledge a specific military branch.


Bricks come in three sizes:  4-inch by 8-inch, 8-inch by 8-inch, and 10-inch by 10-inch and may be purchased for $75, $150, and $200 respectively. Purchases can be made online at or in person at the Community Services Department at City Hall, 3660 D Street, La Verne.  If the brick is purchased as a gift, a full-color certificate suitable for framing will be provided for presentation to the recipient.


The Veterans Memorial will feature a five-sided obelisk with the names of the men and women from La Verne who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It will also feature flags representing each branch of the military, park benches, and landscaping features.  The bricks will be placed throughout the footprint of the memorial and may be dedicated to anyone who served in the military whether or not they are from the La Verne community.  For more information about the memorial or the brick program, please visit the website or call 909-596-8700.


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