THE CLEANEST PLACE IN TOWN: Dash for a Splash at Palace Pet Salon

July 30, 2011
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At Palace Pet Salon, your pet is always in good hands.

At Palace Pet Salon, your pet is always in good hands.

If you’re a dog or cat living around town, life just got a little better.

That’s because Palace Pet Salon is now offering your precious pet unlimited dog and brush service for one low monthly price through its new Splash and Dash program.

Think of it. Whenever you have friends or family over, your pet will always look and smell its best. With a regular wash and brush service, your pet’s fur will also shed and matt less, resulting in a cleaner and fresher-smelling home.

 “We’ve offered the service for a couple of months, and the neighborhood response has been fantastic,” said Palace Pet Salon owner Mark Levy on a busy Saturday morning at his shop in the CVS/Wells Fargo shopping center. “We’re the ninth shop in the country to offer this service.

“Essentially, Splash and Dash is a great way to keep your dog healthy and clean with an economically sound program. The dog owner could come in literally every day, if they wanted, and get a bath and brush for their dog.”

Palace Pet Salon uses special mild, organic shampoos gentle to the skin. Levy has found that most pet owners use the service once a week, but there’s no set schedule because dogs will be dogs, romping through the grass or losing an occasional encounter to a skunk. “We as humans bathe once every day, so why not take care of the dogs, too?” Levy asked.

Once your dog becomes a Splash and Dash VIP (very important pet), it is also eligible for other discounted Palace Pet Salon services, such as haircuts, flea control and medicated baths.

With Palace Pet Salon’s full staff of washers and groomers, Fido can be in and out of the shop and be ready for the rest of the day in minutes. “The customer can drop off their pet, run a few errands and come back in 15 or 20 minutes, and the dog will be ready,” Levy said.

Prices run from $39.95 monthly for small dogs to $69.95 for super-sized dogs. There are no sign-up fees or long-term contracts. Pet owners can even freeze their accounts for a dollar, if the need arises. Splash and Dash customers also have a passport that they can use at any other Splash and Dash groomer.

Palace Pet Salon is located at 1485 Foothill Blvd. in La Verne. For more information about Splash and Dash, call Mark at (909) 593-5714.



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