For Pop Warner Star Jacob Adams, It Pays to Tackle the Books

September 17, 2010
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Jacob Adams is a high achiever on and off the field.

Jacob Adams is a high achiever on and off the field.

Each year, the most academically accomplished Pop Warner kids compete for Academic All-American status. This process begins at the association level and up through each of the eight Pop Warner regions to the national
level. There were 400,000 applicants nationwide.

La Verne/San Dimas Pop Warner Football and Cheer Association is proud to announce the accomplishments of one of their very own football players as the recipient of the 2009 WESCON REGIONAL Scholastic Achievement Award and a First Team member of the Pop Warner National Academic All-American Scholar Program.

A Ramona Middle School Honor Roll graduate, 14-year-old Jacob Adams is a La Verne resident and three-year Pop Warner participant. As the WESCON Regional Scholar, he earned the football player award, a $500 scholarship and went on to make the National Pop Warner First Team All-American Scholar, winning an additional $1,000 scholarship donated by Disney Sports. And as a First Team Lil Scholar, Jacob was invited to attend the Annual National Pop Warner Lil Scholar’s Banquet held in Middleton, Pennsylvania.

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