Oak Mesa’s Morgan Dunville Wins Rodeo Jewelers Essay Contest

May 30, 2010
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Morgan captured Mom's and Koko's heart.

Morgan captured Mom's and Koko's heart.

Rodeo Jewelers, located in the new Vons Center, recently sponsored an essay contest, encouraging students to write why they believe their mother deserved a special gift of jewelry that Rodeo Jewelers owner and designer Koko Vartanian was presenting to the winning essayist.


Of course, all moms deserve to win for all their love, affection hard work they show their sons and daughters throughout the year, but one special essay by Morgan Dunville, a fifth grader at Oak Mesa Elementary, caught the attention of the judges. We present that essay now.

By Morgan Dunville

Oak Mesa Elementary

There is no other mom like my mom! She is unique in so many ways. There is no one better, I bet that all of the other parents are envious of her. When Mother’s Day comes, it is my chance to show how much she means to me and my sisters. When I need special attention, she is the person at my side all the way. When I am “Down in the Dumps,” mom is the one giving me a pep talk and comforting words. I can always go to her with my problems and she always has great ways to fix my problems.

My mom loves me so much. One thing that is great about her is her loving, caring and inspirational heart. My parents may be divorced, but what makes me feel better is knowing she is my mom and she will always be there for me. I will never forget about the amazing things she has done for me like letting me play all of the sports and activities I can think of, giving me an amazing childhood so far, and lots more. One very selfish thing she does is that she never buys herself anything nice. All of her money goes to us.

My mom is amazing at her job. She is a teacher at Oak Mesa Elementary school. She is such a huge comfort to the kids in her class and around the school. Because she works so hard, I want to reward her with something special … She is like a diamond on a necklace that sparkles in light and the dark. Even though she has a hard time with my parents’ divorce, she has stayed faithful and kept all of her promises. My mom is such a great person that it would be great to pay her back with something other than the same old lotion and bubble bath I get her every year.

Being a full-time mother is one of the hardest jobs … Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but they hold their hearts forever. I love my grandma, dad, sisters, and my cousins too, but I will never lose trust or respect for my mom. Every year I try to think of the perfect present for my mom. I can never get it just right. I want to give her a present that she will actually enjoy, but I can’t afford anything nice or decent. My mom works so hard for me and my sisters every day. She deserves something that she will never forget.

Please help me get the perfect present for my amazing and hard-working mom!

Rodeo Jewelers is located at 1560 Foothill Blvd. in La Verne. For more information about their designs and collections, please call (909) 593-7537 or visit www.rodeo.jewelers.com


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