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April 10, 2008
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Cory Hiltz: La Verne’s No. 1 Hero

As a former resident of LaVerne and close friend of the Hiltz family, I both smiled and cried when I read your article. Thank you so much for running the story. Our family knew Cory from the time he was born and were fortunate enough to have spent time with him on his last leave home. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t cross our minds and we feel very blessed to have had him as a part of our lives. After losing my brother a few years ago, my father once said: “the pain never goes away, you just learn to live with it”. I feel that is what Debby and Wayne are going through. Cory’s spirit will continue to live on through his many family members and friends. He was truly a blessing and we are so proud of who he was and what he represented. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Wendy Ehlen and Family, Roseville, California


Private First Class Cory Hiltz: La Verne’s No. 1 Hero

Cory is the son of the finest parents, and the brother of a wonderful sister which
is how He developed His sense of Honor, Justice and Commitment!

Those of us who have the honor to be part of his “extended family” will never let Him
leave and will always carry Him as an example and model of what we shall strive to be every day for the remainder of our lives!

With Eternal Gratitude!

Frank Jameson

A ‘Cup of Kindness’ Runneth Over SGV Women’s Auxilary Luncheon, April 20 

Thanks so much for the wonderful article on our luncheon. We raised $4800.00 for the day. We were also glad to have you join us and look forward to seeing you again.

Joanne Morrissey
In-coming President

 Comment:Absolutely loved this local info. Ann

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Comment: I love this article. Very well written. Kudos to you!

Gina T. Spring Sale Underway, Now Be the First to Meet the Designer Up Close and Personal

Comment: I needed this info thanks mate. Regards, David

LVO Fashionista Shannon Strametz: Fashion is Her Passion

Comment: I’m a sample-sale-o-holic and you can’t beat Target or Forever 21 for cheap, yet cute stuff year round. Broke Betty

For LV Artist Eric M. Davis, the Palette is Always Half Full

Comment: Great article.  I learned more about my favorite artist.  Mary Kay

Bonita High School Sits on a Hunk of Cash

Comment: As a Bonita Alum that Trophy will never leave that Trophy case, otherwise a lot of us will be very mad, it’s a part of our history and therefore it stays, and it definitely is not the school’s to sell whether they think that or not. Aaron Castro

Bonita High School Sits on a Hunk of Cash

Comment: Congrats on your new venture, wishing you the best – Loved the Story about Glen Davis. J.B. Griffin

McNerney, LV Chamber Don’t Have a Minute to Waste

Comment: Although the article was brief and yet concise, what it lacked was giving credit to both Brian and Annette for the atmosphere that they equally create. Having been members of several Chambers of Commerce, I can speak with some authority regarding effectiveness. The unique trait to the LaVerne Chamber is the wonderful mix of talent and concern displayed by its leaders. Ego and position are replaced with doggedness and tenacity of purpose. Venturing into the Chamber office(which I frequently do), one is met with an acknowledgment, best described as, a visit to a family member. Calm and purposeful, both Brian and Annette lead with their hearts and support those rare traits with equally great senses of humor. Any success enjoyed by the LaVerne Chamber is a direct result of these two wonderful people.There a very few things that MTOClean would not gladly do for either.They are the greatest!!! Jack Hoar
A New Kingdom is Upon Us: Society for Creative Anachronism Keeps Medieval History Alive

Comment: Actually, your article has some errors. In all my years in the SCA, I’ve NEVER heard “fairy in a box” or “dragonfly.” It’s more accurate to say that cell phones are usually hidden away and forgotten, airplanes fly overhead and are ignored. And if you were seeing a single day event in a park, you probably didn’t “stumble upon a war” –  although long camping weekend events might be called “wars” when they host combat melees of one army against another. Picture it like fighters on campaign, with pavilions and cooks and camps. But these minor points aside, thank you for a lovely review of this day event in the park. My favorite part of the SCA is that I get to learn history through hands-on participation. E. Lou Beckham

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