Peyton Manning
Well, folks, yet another year is soon coming to an end.   Which means another year in Sports is coming to an end.   Let’s see if we can combine the two and create some entertainment for ourselves….ok? First; baseball.   The bearded Boston Red-Sox became the hairiest team to ever win the World Series, and the hairiest team [...]
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A few days ago it was the 50th anniversary (“anniversary” seems like an oddly inappropriate word for such a thing, doesn’t it?) of President Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas? Say it out loud. Fifty years. Fifty years. Fifty years! Gives you goose bumps. But it doesn’t make it any easier to get your mind around it. For [...]
My son asked me a very interesting question the other day. He said, “Dad, why do you like Sports so much?” He then went on to say how he’d pretty much “outgrown” sports over the years, didn’t have much interest in sports at all, and yet I, a man in his 50s, still occasionally got excited [...]
Now that the Dodgers have been eliminated from the playoffs, and all is well, I thought I would be gracious and do all you poor depressed and deluded Dodger fans a favor, and let you know the ‘Secret Identity’ of your star player. Exactly who is Yasiel Puig? It’s a question that has been troubling me for [...]
Anybody who knows me knows I have the cutest sweetest smartest dog ever, but only those who read this column know just how knowledgeable the jaunty pup is regarding sports!   So here below, for your entertainment, is a brief exchange which passed between us the other day whilst I gulped my morning [...]
Okay, Dodger fans … just remember this column and speak of me kindly. In other words, this is proof that a Giants fan is more than capable of being gracious enough to say something nice about the home team.   Even me.   And even when it’s the hated (by me, at least) Dodgers. Actually, to be fair, I [...]
First there was the Summer of Love.   That was in ’67.   Then in ’71 we had the Summer of ’42.   Yeah, I know it’s confusing.   And then 1999 gave us the Summer of Sam.  Based on Son of Sam.  Which was in ’77.    (If you’re confused about the last one, Google up Spike Lee.) So does [...]
Hollywood Park is closing down. That’s right.   In a few months, “the track of the lakes and flowers” will be brutally razed to the ground. To make room for parking lots and real estate development. How can this be? What are they going to tear down next, Disneyland?   Fisherman’s Wharf?   Yankee Stadium?   (Wait a minute….they already tore down [...]
Well, the gods had a chance to get one right on Sunday. As in the gods of Sport. Or in this case, the golfing gods. Phil Mickelson was poised to finally win the U.S. Open.   His great white whale.   Perhaps the gods figured he’d suffered enough. I myself have been hard on Phil.   Sort of like the critical older [...]
There were three significant deaths in Sports during the last month or so that really affected me.   It’s worth talking about.   So here goes: I’ll start with the 1970s.   I was in college then.   Berkeley.    Believe it or not, back in the mid-70s Cal had quite a football team.   We had a great quarterback in “Telegraph [...]