... was Koufax good enough to make the 2013 Dodgers roster? (LOL)
Okay, Dodger fans … just remember this column and speak of me kindly. In other words, this is proof that a Giants fan is more than capable of being gracious enough to say something nice about the home team.   Even me.   And even when it’s the hated (by me, at least) Dodgers. Actually, to be fair, I [...]
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The San Francisco Giants rule baseball. Feels weird to type it, feels weird to say it, even feels weird to think it.   But it’s true.   After winning last night’s clinching game which wrapped up a dominating 4-game sweep of the Tigers the G-men have now won two of the last three World Series titles, which passes [...]
     I know it’s no big deal.   I know it’s just business.      But seeing Peyton Manning in a Broncos uniform was just plain weird.      Nothing else about Opening Day Sunday (oh, ‘scuse me, I’m referring of course to the NFL, as if you didn’t know) struck me as particularly earth-shaking.   Sure, I’m glad my Bears [...]
     One of my books was published last week.      I don’t mention this necessarily expecting you to run right out and buy the damn thing (okay, that’s a big fat lie, of course that’s what I expect), but rather I mention it as a relevant prelude to a rather beautiful day at beautiful Santa Anita [...]
      Well well, all you provincial parochial ‘homers’ out there, it’s time to ask the $64 dollar question.       Or, more precisely, the $112 million dollar question.   Since that’s their “estimated” payroll for 2010.       Anyway….       WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THE DODGERS???       Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.   As a lifelong Giants fans, I [...]
      In sports, as in life, everything seems to even out in the end.       (It doesn’t, of course.   Just seems to.)       Take baseball.   There are bad calls by umpires in baseball all the time.   Stands to reason that the good and the bad should even out.   Although Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga probably doesn’t think [...]
      Dear Diary,       I hardly know where to start.       So the Lakers finally beat the Celtics, huh?   Big deal.   They’d beaten them in the finals before.   Twice.   Okay okay, so twice out of eleven isn’t so hot, I know, I get it.   And they’d never beaten them in a game seven, where it was all [...]