Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel
Before the birth of La Verne Online, Colleen and I literally traveled thousands of miles hunting down out- of-the-way bistros, boutiques and cafes from California to Indiana (after 40-plus days we were running low on time and money, so we hurried back home). We could have satisfied that same wanderlust for both the elegant and eclectic […]
More Sunday Drive Stories
When I have Vegas fever, but lack the energy to drive 300 miles, I make the relatively short drive to the Palm Springs area. It’s sort of a compromise – parsimony with palm trees. I can enjoy a fun restaurant or two without the lure of dropping a hundred dollars playing slots while standing in […]
I always think of Culver City as the forgotten city, the step child to the more glamorous and glittery Hollywood or Beverly Hills. But Culver City is where Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz first walked down the Yellow Brick Road inside the friendly confines of MGM Studios, now known as Sony Picture Studios, so […]