There's a lot to get HAPPY about!
Why is interior designer and store owner Joann Lammens always so damn HAPPY? Sure, Mother’s Day is almost here, and she’s a terrific mom, but PLEASE! Could it be because she is hosting an exclusive Get Happy Spring Party at her store, May 10 through May 12, where she will be featuring Happy Everything pottery, […]
More Community Celebrations Stories
 Looking for a nice, feel-good post-Easter story.  We have one here.  Last week several hundred people jammed the DPI Labs parking lot at 1350 Arrow Highway, with young children getting Easter baskets, a photo with the Easter Bunny and, if they so desired, getting their face painted. Meanwhile, their parents were handed food and produce. […]
     Daniela D’Angelo and her two teenage daughters, Nhancye (pronounced Nancy) and Roberta, made quite a sight. On a recent Friday night at the Target store in San Dimas, they were pushing around grocery carts filled to the brim with stuffed animals, various toys, plastic eggs and the like.     A few curious customers stopped them […]
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make it to the final table at the World Series of Poker? Well, you will have your chance on March 24, 2012 as the La Verne Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Texas Hold’em Fundraiser.   The Tournament will be open to anyone 21 […]
The Clothesline Project honors women and child survivors, as well as victims, of abuse. Inspired by the power of the AIDS Quilt, the project uses the concept of shirts hanging on a clothesline as the vehicle for raising awareness about this issue. The idea is as simple as it is natural: Doing laundry has always […]
      It is always good to hear about young people doing charitable work, and here is good example of that.    A group of La Verne University students that are members of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) have hooked up with Sowing Seeds for Life (SSFL), a food bank that feeds some 6,000 needy […]
For once, La Verne caught Tim Morrison standing still long enough to honor him with the Jack Huntington Pride of La Verne Award for all he does for the city.   Normally, Morrison is on his motorcycle proudly kicking off the July 4th parade every year with 200 other riders roaring down D Street.   […]
While the recession lingers, you may not be flush with dollars, but that’s no excuse to deprive yourself culturally, historically, artistically, scientifically, or musically. Los Angeles’ myriad museums offer free monthly or weekly visits. And some are free to visitors year-round.         LaVerneOnline provides a list below, but please check websites just […]
New Years Eve celebrations may be over, but the party is just getting started in La Verne,   On Saturday, Jan. 14, Weight Watchers in La Verne is holding a huge all-day housewarming party and you’re invited to enjoy refreshments, prizes, raffles, special recipes and more.   “We just want to bring the community in […]
   In need of having your spirits lifted during these difficult times? The story of Sowing Seeds for Life and what this La Verne-based charitable organization is doing these days should fit the bill.     This month’s second Sowing Seeds for Life toy and food giveaway was another roaring success. Hundreds of people showed up […]