The La Verne Youth and Family Action Committee, La Verne Police Department, and Bonita Unified School District for an educational forum on the associated health risks of marijuana consumption.
LA VERNE, California, December 18, 2018 — The La Verne City Council voted unanimously to ban the sale of recreational marijuana in late October. The vote passed without so much as a comment or a whisper. La Verne, after all, is a conservative town, a religious town, a university town. It is also a town […]
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ARCADIA, California, December 14, 2017 — Remember when teenage kids hanging out at the mall was a rite of passage? Well, now those same kids, and a lot of their friends, young and old, are hanging out online to do their shopping. As a result, one of the world’s biggest mall operators, Westfield Corporation, which […]
LA VERNE, California, December 12, 2017 — Like In-n-Out, Trader Joe’s has achieved almost mythical status, but I’m not buying all the hype. If I were talking to Mr. or Ms. TJ, here’s what I’d get off my chest:   Your parking lots are accidents waiting to happen!   Before I go to TJs, I […]
LA VERNE, California, December 12, 2017 — While many teams this season may outsize Bonita, few will likely be able to out-hustle or outlast the Bearcats. And that script pretty much played out on Monday night at Ketterling Court in La Verne as Bonita finished strong to defeat a tough Australian team, 75-59.   Australia’s […]
DECEMBER 11, 2017, La Verne, Calif. — You can’t say the U.S. government doesn’t have a big heart.   After the 2008 financial collapse, the federal government provided about $4.6 billion in principal forgiveness from 2010 to 2016 to help homeowners, owing more on their mortgages than their homes were worth, avoid foreclosure.   So, […]
LA VERNE, California, December 7, 2017 — ‘Tis the time of year when mere mortals don the robes of Santa Claus, with his cheery, red velour suit and cap with white fur trim and black belt and boots.   But dressing like Santa Claus, it turns out, is the easy part.   How to actually […]
LA VERNE, California, December 5, 2017 — If you like La Verne Mayor Don Kendrick, Mayor Pro-Tem Tim Hepburn and Councilmembers Robin Carder, Charlie Rosales and Muir Davis, you’ll be glad to hear they’ll be sticking around a lot longer. That’s because the City Council voted unanimously to delay its next scheduled municipal election from March […]
GLENDORA, Calif. , December 3 – The Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority (Construction Authority) today a groundbreaking ceremony for the $1.5 billion, six-station Foothill Gold Line light rail extension from Glendora to Montclair at Citrus College in Glendora. Attendance at the ceremony was large and diverse, with elected representatives from all levels of government, as […]
LA VERNE, California, Dec. 1, 2017 — Something very note-worthy is taking place on Dec. 10, 8 p.m., at Morgan Auditorium on the University of La Verne campus — and you won’t want to miss it. The La Verne Symphony Orchestra (LVSO) will be performing a free (although your donation won’t be turned down) concert […]
LA VERNE, California, November 29, 2017 — Look for the next great screenplays to come not out of Hollywood, but La Verne, where biologists and gerontologists, acting more like script supervisors than clinicians, are helping college students collect amazing stories of lives well lived by some of the town’s most senior citizens.   The University […]