If you like The Richest Man in Babylon, you'll also love Peter Bennett's Life Lessons of a Harvard Rejects, which includes several chapters success, sales, and wealth. For more information, visit.
We could all use a little more of the Green stuff, and I’m not talking about buying solar panels for your roof or a windmill for your backyard to save on electricity. I’m talking about working, selling and saving more to build wealth. Here are a few commonsense tips to remember, especially if you’re a young entrepreneur […]
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On Friday, the U.S. government was on the verge of shutting down over the breakdown of budget negotiations on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, the European debt crisis worsened as Portugal became the third European nation after Greece and Ireland to request a financial bailout. Thus, it was no accident that nervous investors sent the spot price […]
For husband and wife Tony and Pat Ponzo and the father and son team of Mike and Tony Celeste, they don’t care if the market goes up, down or sideways. Although they live in San Dimas, Calif., 3,000 miles from Wall Street, their stock market picks and strategies, which they share with thousands of subscribers […]
The toughest question to answer when planning for retirement is, How long will I need the money?  The truth is: no one knows for sure.  If you have heard of life expectancy estimates but are not quite sure what they represent and what that means for your future, read on. Pension planners and insurance actuaries […]
  Planning for retirement is a complex undertaking for all of us, but for women, it’s especially challenging.   One reason is that women live longer than men, so they have more years of retirement to prepare for.  Another is that they spend more of their active years out of the workforce — in many cases, raising […]
Part II –Visa & MasterCard Surcharge Regulations by Sean Franke, La Verne Chamber Member   It’s not too hard today to find stores adding flat fees or a percentage rate to credit card transactions. Surcharging is one way for business owners to offset the rising costs of accepting credit cards but are businesses allowed to […]
Insurance covers you against future losses. The key word here is “future.” Nobody knows what the future holds. Loss of health, loss from theft, loss from fire, loss of the ability to care for yourself … loss of a life, any of these life events could occur in the next 10 seconds, 10 years or […]
If you’re struggling to make your monthly mortgage payments, you really have one of four options: 1) loan modification, 2) short sale, 3) bankruptcy or a 4) foreclosure or deed in lieu. Below is some information about each process. However, please consult with your CPA, attorney or legal professional before making any decision regarding your property […]
Here’s the scenario facing millions of Americans and home owners right here in our community: Your house is worth less than you paid for it, and while you continue to pay your monthly mortgage, you’d love to take advantage of new lower mortgage rates. You figure you’re out of luck because who’s going to give […]
By Sean Frank, La Verne Chamber Member Credit card fraud can take many forms.  One example is when a business conducting illegal activities recruits another business to run its credit card transactions through their merchant account.  Also, it can be when a legitimate business that doesn’t have a merchant account needs to run a credit […]