What exactly is a “B” movie?      Difficult to quantify.   As are many pop-culture slang phrases.   Let’s just say that a B movie is a 2nd tier or even occasionally a 3rd tier film combining several key elements:  Like a small, shoestring budget.   Like a haphazard, cheesy script.   Poor production quality.   Silly special effects.   Comical, [...]
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     Liz is dead.      Hardly seems possible.      Sure, everybody dies.   Sure, she was 79.   Sure, due to her hectic, turbulent life and oft-tenuous health she had actually been pronounced dead before.   Several times.        But now that she’s dead, really dead, I think we all need to take a step back and reflect.      Elizabeth Taylor just [...]
     I was watching “Chinatown” the other day.   Great movie.   Truly great.      I was watching it out of the corner of one eye while I was reading some book with the other.  (I love reading and watching TV at the same time….I don’t know why….maybe I like how it makes me feel like an idiot [...]
      The Wizard of Oz, MGM’s 1939 fantasy classic, is on pretty much everyone’s list of favorite movies.   We loved it as kids, we loved it as young adults, and we love it now.   We love how our own kids and grandkids love it.   We love how it still makes us feel young, we love [...]
      Call it two columns in one.         Or two columns for the price of one.         Or too lazy to do two columns instead of one.       What I call it is the marriage of my two favorite mediums of Entertainment; sports and old movies.   More accurately, baseball and old movies.       I love movies about [...]
      When I was a kid—kid as in young man—my make-believe hero was Clark Gable.   My favorite movie star.   He was everything I thought a movie star should be; dynamic, charismatic, combustible, with a face and persona that filled up the screen.   And it’s not like I’m the only one who thought so.   Here’s my [...]
      The other day I was watching “This Property Is Condemned”, circa 1966, one of my favorite Robert Redford movies.   It is also one of my favorite Natalie Wood movies.   Also one of my favorite Sydney Pollack movies.       Yes that’s right; “This Property Is Condemned” stars Robert Redford and Natalie Wood, and is directed by [...]
            Brace yourself.          Because I’m going to violate the one rule I established for myself when I created this column.   Just this once.   I just wanted to tell you that up front, in the spirit of full disclosure.       That rule, of course, that first promise I made to you way back in January in [...]
Assuming we define a “B” movie as a movie with a very low budget, perhaps without a lot of star power, and possibly featuring some of the cheesiest dialogue and acting you are ever likely to see, it is amazing how these cheap little films which are so definitively bad can wind up being so astoundingly good.
Some movies are cursed. Some actors are cursed. Natalie Wood makes both lists.