BEST Baseball Training Video

Baseball Endurance and Survival Training

baseballDon’t let another game go by without first viewing the Baseball Endurance and Survival Training (BEST) video filmed at Claremont McKenna College and demonstated by La Verne All-Star players.

BEST will dazzle you with dozens of drills and demonstrations that will add fire, flair and fun to your practices and help make you a better ballplayer.

Besides learning how to bat, bunt, seal, slide, field and throw like a pro, you’ll be dodging barrels, whacking tires, skipping through ladders, bounding over boxes, smacking soccer balls off toilet plungers and much, much more – all to take your game to the next level.

Like a walk-off home run , BEST explodes with information, instruction and inspiration that you won’t find anywhere else. Next to your bat and glove, BEST is your No. 1 tool for increasing your baseball development and enjoyment.
Learn from the BEST to be the best. For ages five and up. 83 minutes of non-stop instruction.

• Hitting
• Bunting
• Base Running
• Sliding
• Fielding
• Throwing
• Individual Positions

Plus, our Bonus Section includes features on First Aid, Stretching, Strength and Agility Drills and the mental approach to the game.

Don’t Leave Home Plate Without It