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  1. I only chose event planning because my topic wasn’t really listed. You may be able to help. Any suggestions on inexpensive things to do in La Verne with kids during the summer? They have gone to the movies (btw, Edwards has free movies on Tues/Wed at 10 am through out the summer. They’ve gone bowling, Chaparral is 2.25 per game on Thurs, swimming of course, etc. I’m just looking for new ideas if you think you have any!

  2. Hello there,

    My question is simply this…A couple of years ago the city
    of La Verne held a swap meet/flea market. And, I rememeber
    reading about it’s success in the SGV Tribune. According to
    the article, the city was going to hold another event the
    following year but then I never heard of another one being
    held. I would like to know if the city hold another event
    like? I mean it seems like a great idea and I would be
    very interested in planning an event like that?

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