Who Knew the Target Center Is Slated to Become La Verne’s New Culinary Hub!

November 4, 2017
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Coming soon to the Target Center in La Verne!

LA VERNE, California, November 4, 2017 — The best news I heard all week is that a Broken Yoke Cafe is slated to move into the former Round Table Pizza space in the Target Center, the site of so many post-pizza parties when my kids were in Little League.


I’ve eaten at the Manhattan Beach location a few times, and I thought the food was solid, so I definitely like the idea of a new restaurant coming to town to expand La Verne’s breakfast and lunch options.


Also going into the Target Center where the former Hallmark store was located is Blaze Pizza, which is known for serving up custom pizzas in 90 seconds. Think Subway but on pizza. There are already about 70 Blaze Pizza places in California. The company promotes a hang-loose, anything-goes environment among its employees — a contagious vibe and culture that helps put customers at ease. If you can’t wait for the La Verne location to open, you can wander over to the Claremont location.


Finally, the Target Center is expected to be the future home of New China Mongolian BBQ, where Cash Plus was located. Like yogurt shops that charge you by the ounce, the restaurant will base your bill by weight.


Can’t wait!


Last add: LaVerneOnline featured Bangkok Blue, also in the Target Center, when it debuted in La Verne a decade ago. We highly recommended it and the restaurant long had our review pasted on its window. The original owner eventually took her cooking skills  to Claremont where she now operates a successful Thai restaurant. Now new owners are moving into the Bangkok Blue space and bringing with them a new name, Mama’s Thai Cuisine.


I hope to Thai it out soon.

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