Tennis, Anyone? La Verne Tennis Association Players Making Quite a Racquet on Saturday Mornings

September 2, 2017
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Steve Daniels volleys as his doubles partner Fil Bernal looks on.

LA VERNE, California, September 2, 2017 — Don’t get in Warren Denning’s way on Saturday morning. The pre-nonagenarian (he’s only 89)   saddles up his car, backs out his Glendale driveway, hops onto the 210 East and heads to Bonita High School in La Verne, where for the last quarter century he has been a fixture in the La Verne Tennis Association, holding court as it were.

The Association, started by La Verne Councilwoman Robin Carder 36 years ago, comprises 54 members of all ages and abilities, but they all share a love of the game.

“I enjoy the game, I love the game, always have,” Denning said in between sets.

His opponent on the other side of the net on Saturday included Carder who was showing her elder no mercy. That’s because every week, stats are compiled, based on wins and losses, showing who is the top dog in the association and whether each player is ascending or descending on the all important rankings ladder.

James Nehring is well positioned to gain a point.

So while it’s not competitive, it is. Although players’ legs may not be as springy as they once were, the pride that players take out on the court is still as buoyant as ever. These guys still know how to send that little fuzzy green ball screaming across the net, as if they were playing in the U.S. Open.

On September 2, where temperatures were headed north of 100 degrees, 40 players packed the courts — six at Bonita and another four courts at Las Flores Park.

Play always moves briskly because the Association only has the courts reserved from about 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., so you don’t see too many arguments over line calls. It’s serve and volley and game on, best of three sets.

“We have devoted players, including many who have been in the program since the beginning. As you can see, everyone pretty much stays fit. This is a good sport for people.”

Robin Carder tries to deliver an ace.

Carder encourages people to come out and take a look to see if Saturday tennis might become a healthy activity in their future.

The cost of registration for the year is $55, which covers the cost of the courts and balls and a t-shirt. You can come out to the tennis courts at Bonita and complete a registration form or you can visit City Hall (3660 D St.) and pick one up at the Community Services Office. For more information, call 909.596.8700 or visit

Daniel Fernandes delivers a big serve with calm approval from his doubles partner, Gary Harvey.

Regardless of your position on the leader board, staying fit and having fun seem to Priority No. 1 with the La Verne Tennis Association

Members – Point Leaders

Savay Lieu

Bill Laubach

Brian Gore

Hans Looyenga

Zhao Wang

Gina Ammar

Terry Wachel

Robert Carder

Mike Wickersham

Kathleen Johnson

Susan Hare

Dale Johnson

Amy Bloom

Tom LeVay

Fil Bernal

Dan Fernandes

Steve Daniels

Gary Harvey

Steve Watanabe

Andrew Mesdjian

Richard Sakamoto

Perci Chin

Linda Reardan

Craig Hare

Dixie Beutler

Kay Russell

Becky Reyes

Marian Sherman

Martha Bybee

Diane Horn

Leon Directo

Jonathan Ho

Vic Dixit

Joe Garr

Rudy Bituin

Jim Wickersham

Alex Bernal

Anne Valdes

Ken Morris

James Nehring

Gail Sundberg

William Chapman

Deo Bituin

Keith Marshall

Adriana Marshall

Roland Monaco

Simon Villasis

John Swank

Martha Ramirez

Warren Dinning

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