La Verne Salutes America!!!

July 4, 2017
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La Verne’s Scott Hill displays many of the flags that have represented the union over its history.

LA VERNE, California, July 4, 2017 — La Verne saluted the nation’s birthday with family and a flotilla of floats, flags, fairs, fireworks, finger foods, and fashions that made the emerald city the place to be on July 4th. Bands marched, motorcycles roared, seniors reposed, babies wailed, horses cantered, politicians waved, classic automobiles honked, and the sun blazed.

La Verne’s greatest picnic spilled onto streets, lawns and porches, with invitations to complete strangers from homeowners fortunate enough to live on the parade route to come to their parties.

It was absolutely La Verne at its best, and La Verne Online has the pictures to prove it.  

Harrison Fletcher knows how to dress for a party.

Giavanna, Sophia and Bianca display some colorful sisterly unity. Their outfits were purchased at Target. “Target, this is your Target market!”

Alex, Sydney and Aiden were eager for the parade to start.

Tim and Sharon Morrison show their true colors. Actually, Tim was off riding his motorcycle, so Sharon temporarily guarded the home front.

Amanda, Michael and Rocco rocked the parade.

Andrew and Caden were early risers.

Best float! No arguments here! Way to go, girls!

Bonita rules, always!

Bridgette, Evan and Sal await the parade.

You may have heard of Carl’s Jr. Well, this is Carl, Sr., one of La Verne’s most honored and revered veterans of World War II vintage.

Charlotte, Mike and tykes on bikes.

Cheryl and company have it made in the shade.

Colin, Courtney and Noah anticipate the parade.

The Color Guard didn’t miss a beat.

Corey, popular Ramona counselor, and Alexis were in the hub of the action.

Corinne and Jim returned to their favorite viewing venue near Kuns Park.

The Cub Scouts came out in droves. They really know how to pack a flatbed.

Cynthia was born in California, but Bill hails from Oklahoma. Last I checked, both states are still part of the union.

Dave and family, and I mean, FAMILY (lots of grandkids).

Debbie does her riff on Flo from those Progressive Insurance commercials.

Debbie, Tammy and Amber secured an early spot for premium parade-viewing.

Even a dinosaur dressed up, even though he’s been extinct for awhile.

Mayor Don and wife Gaynel were out early.

Dorina and Terry are a couple of eagle scouts in our book.

Volunteer Doris helped keep everybody moving.

Emily, Luke and Aaron just to La Verne from Lake County in Northern California. Welcome!

Ester, Hilda and Raul got an early start to the day.

It’s not every day that you get to float down D Street.

Frank served as the spokesperson for this large group of patriots.

Gabriel, Vanessa, Aiden, Emmy and Juan lined up early for the parade.

Georgiann and Larry showed their unflagging spirits.

On a day where you celebrate the red, white and blue, you still can’t forget the La Verne Gold softball team.

There’s a great place to get your hair cut in La Verne.

The La Verne Historical Society always knows how to put things in the proper perspective.

These riders had the right horses for the courses.

Amy and James had a front-row seat of the parade from their Bonita Ave. home.

Janean and mom prove the Fourth is all about family!

Jessica, Regina, Grandpa Paul and Matt gear up for the parade.

Joan and John hang out at Kuns Park.

Joan, Kate and Mike stake out a place across from Veterans Hall.

Jodie saves a seat for Mike who volunteers for the LVPD.

The tall guy is J.T. Orr, a professional ref in the NBA. He shares a break from officiating with family and friends.

Katie and Jim enjoy the festivities.

Kaylee, Johanna, MJ and Tim ready for the start of the parade.

Ken and Malika occupy a key corner at D and Third Street.

Future major leaguers prepare for ride down D Street.

The 11-year-old all-stars return to action this Thursday in Claremont.

More all-stars show that La Verne is hotbed for baseball talent.

That’s Mada, Emily and Regina enjoying some shade on a hot day.

That’s magnificent Marcia welcoming early-morning diners to La Verne’s famous pancake and sausage breakfast.

And, hey, wait a minute, isn’t that magnificent Marv, La Verne’s Man of the Year!

Matt wanted everything looking perfect before the parade started. That’s La Verne pride.

Mike, Pat and Jill found a good viewing spot by the University of La Verne.

There were more motorcycles in La Verne’s parade than you can find at Bert’s Auto Mall.

The ubiquitous Mr. Riggs, however, preferred his selfie-powered mode of transportation.

Nick is back in town with family.

Pam, Ron and Gloria had a “Wine Not” attitude about viewing the parade.

The Payne family keeps growing and going.

Peter and Sharon volunteered at the pancake breakfast. It was early so the picture came out a little fuzzy.

The La Verne San Dimas Pop Warner Cheer Team were awesome.

La Verne’s parade attracted many riveting performances.

Sara found a novel way to display her love for the flag.

Thomas,.Edna and family had curbside seats.

And the parade continued and the music played…
See you next year! A few more photos will be posted later this evening.

Lisa and son stake out a prime spot.

Annemarie and family show off their red, white and blue.


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