FANCY DIGS: Ramona Middle School To Come of Age with Landmark Gymnasium

February 21, 2017
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 The students of Ramona Middle School in La Verne will soon enjoy a state-of-the-art sports and physical education facility distinguished by a modern porcelain-clad entrance. Designed by Rachlin Partners, an award-winning architectural firm located in Culver City, the 15,445-square-foot facility is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2017 with costs totaling $6.1 million.

The gymnasium is a new landmark that invites students, teachers, and the community to come together and celebrate the school’s “Vikings” pride. Visitors to the gymnasium are greeted by a plaza with a dramatic triangular-shaped entrance that draws them into the building. In addition to its shape, the entrance is uniquely defined by a white steel trellis system and porcelain tile façade that is durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to vandalism – an excellent balance of functionality and modern aesthetics.

Inside, the facility is equipped with telescopic bleachers that can seat up to 1,424 people to accommodate three different sports. Players and spectators can enjoy games on any of three basketball courts, two volleyball courts, and eight badminton courts. Designed in collaboration with structural engineer R.M. Byrd & Associates, attractive features include a high, open-framed truss ceiling with a clear span of 120 feet with steel pipes that create a visually captivating pattern.

In addition to creating an exciting physical presence for the school’s athletic programs, the gymnasium’s design implements simple, sustainable features to conserve energy. For example, Rachlin Partners used louvered windows to invite diffused light into interior spaces, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting. The windows also minimize heat gain and create visual interest in the building’s façade, which also demonstrates the building’s balance of aesthetics and function.

Ramona Middle School Gymnasium is located at 3490 Ramona Avenue.




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