New Year’s Resolution: I Will Invest 30 Minutes Three Times a Week to Get a Great, Healthy Body!

January 7, 2017
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Thirty minutes three times a week is all the time Fitness Results trainer and owner wants you to invest in your body to lead a healthy life.

He should know. While training systems such as CrossFit, Pilates, P90X, TRX, Zumba, Les Mills and HIT (high-intensity training) are just some of the programs that have promised amazing fat-to-fitness body makeovers in less time than it takes to complete your 1040 EZ IRS form, Lance McCullough has been helping his clients shape, sculpt and take a proven path to fitness one body at a time.

“I’ve devoted my whole life to fitness,” said Lance, author of Fitness Results Training Book and soon-to-be-released 30 Minute Body: Small Investment – BIG Results World Champion Personal Training Secrets Revealed!

He has successfully trained thousands of clients, including various athletic teams over the years, because his methods are surprising simple and straightforward. He emphasizes resistance weight training, proper nutrition and adequate rest as the foundation for a lifetime of health and fitness.

Here’s the stunner: There’s no cardio in his core fitness program – at least in the beginning.

“I used to recommend daily cardio for people who want to lose weight. “Now I don’t,” said Lance, who has run his Fitness Results studio for 22 years, the last dozen in Upland. “Cardio should only be added when the foundation is in place and only if it does not compromise the foundation. Adding cardio too early creates stress because it takes time and has very little weight loss benefit compared to the combination of weight training, nutrition and rest.

“You will not get your weight under control doing cardio. You’ll never get off the hamster wheel.”

At the core of his fitness philosophy is the simple idea that muscle is more shapely than fat. “Muscle takes up about half the space of fat, so if you lose 5 lbs. of fat and gain 5 lbs. of muscle, you will be smaller and have a better shape.”

Lance also puts his clients on a caloric budget to help them reach their desired weight goal, which typically starts at about 1,200 calories for women and 1,500 for men. “As time goes on, the scale will tell you whether you need to make adjustments,” Lance said.

“I recommend 30% of calories come from protein, 40% from carbohydrates and 30% from fat,” he added.

Lance equates over-eating to overspending on a credit card. “You have to cut back until you pay it off,” he said.

One health assessment tool that especially eats away it Lance is body mass index or BMI. He feels that BMI, first presented in 1835, is not only inaccurate and obsolete, but also penalizes people for building muscle. “BMI is old technology,” Lance said. “It has nothing to do with body fat.”

He further explains:

“In large populations, BMI correlates with body fat percentage for the population, but it is not reliable for individuals within the population. In fact, individuals with the same BMI value could have as much as a 15% variance in actual body fat.”

Fitness Results owner Lance McCullough

So, Lance is focused not on helping his clients control their BMI, but rather on their percentage of body fat, which for women is between 12% and 22% and for men is between 9% and 19%.

As big a proponent of physical fitness through weight training, nutrition and rest as Lance is, he never wants you to overdo it, especially if you’re just starting out or bent on getting in shape for the new year, no matter what it takes.

“You can’t just pull a car that’s been sitting in garage for 10 years and run it full blast,” Lance said. “You have to get it tuned up and check the gauges before you take it out on the road.”

Lance believes he has a variety of ways to help people get the tune-up and results they need. They can individually or group-train with him or one of his professionally certified trainers or they can follow a customized workout that Fitness Results emails weekly.

Although Lance is steadfast about his health and fitness triad (resistance weight training, nutrition and rest), he is not afraid of incorporating technology to supplement his program. Not only is his studio one of the finest you’ll find anywhere in Southern California, replete with the latest equipment (you’ll even find treadmills there), but his clients have access to plenty of online tools to track their exercise and nutritional goals.

As for those three 30-minute workouts Lance wants you invest in each week, Lance explains his philosophy:

“For most people, I recommend three workouts per week because it is a fast, safe and efficient way to produce Fitness Results. Training three days a week will double the benefit you’ll get over two days per week. Training four or five days per week will produce greater benefit than three days per week, but the benefit is incremental and not as dramatic as the difference between a two-day weekly workout and a three-day weekly workout.”

Despite the condensed, but intense workout sessions, you can be sure Lance touches all the major muscles groups.

With Lance, less appears to be more – and the fitness results show that.


Training Truths from Lance

  • Training three times a week will double the benefit you’ll get over two days per week
  • Start your workout with warm-up sets, not stretching
  • Cardio develops cardio fitness, not muscle strength or shape, and can lead to a higher body fat percentage and obesity
  • If you’ve been doing sit-ups to work your abs and help get rid of belly fat, all you will accomplish is to push the belly fat layer out further and create a blocky or distended midsection
  • Spinning is not the best choice for weight loss because you could be burning muscle instead of fat
  • With the right training program, everyone can enjoy a great shape – though some people may have to work harder at it than others

For more information about Fitness Results:

Email: Web: Phone: (909) 6y08-1780 Location: 1842 W. 11th St. #G”, Upland, Calif.

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