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Local CrossFit Gym More Than ‘Army Strong’

April 8, 2014
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Ready and reinvigorated for the day.

Ready and reinvigorated for the day.

Lamonte Reed is a drill sergeant with a conscience. The ex-Army vet, who now helps run CrossFit Peak Performance in San Dimas, would rather promote you than punish you.

In particular, he’s promoting a unique level of fitness that allows you to function at a higher level during the day, whether you’re a lawyer drawing up legal contracts, a dentist extracting wisdom teeth, a business owner trying to carve out more market share, or a stay-at-home mom or dad seeking to accomplish more throughout the day.

“The Army teaches you how to succeed in a stressful environment, and we do the same here. We teach you how to control stress,” said Reed, who also owns a degree in psychology as well as a pantry of physical fitness certifications.

The hour-long sessions are physically and mentally demanding. One day, you could be hoisting medicine balls high in the air, sprinting 400-meters and jumping on plyo-boxes; on another, you could be doing push-ups, pull-ups, handstands and cartwheels. Under Reed’s watchful eye, athletes try to maintain their form and technique while racing against the clock, aiming to achieve their PR (personal record).

“No workouts are ever the same in the same week or even every two weeks,” said Reed, who monitors his athletes’ movements as much as their muscles. “The main thing is to perform the movements with quality and integrity.”

As a result, Reed will either add or subtract the weight, reps, and rounds of his enthusiastic recruits who come in all ages and sizes and degrees of motivation. He likes to keeps his athletes on their toes, promoting what he likes to call an “air of anticipation.” He never likes to see anyone get too comfortable.

In as few as two weeks, participants start seeing results from their high-intensity movements, shaving inches from their mid-sections, increasing their strength and stamina and improving their balance, coordination and flexibility.

Their mental gains are equally impressive. “After they leave here, they’re more energized, motivated and confident to tackle the day,” Reed said. “Like the military, they’ve accomplished more by 9 a.m. than some people accomplish all day, and they’re ready for more.

“Our clients are awesome in the gym, and that same level of dedication, discipline and commitment carries over to their professions,” he further noted. “They like to excel and are usually better in the workforce than their peers.”

Shelley Dow, the broker of Century 21 Marty Rodriguez in Glendora, wakes every day at 4:25 a.m. to be at the CrossFit Peak Performance studio at 5 a.m., where she is joined by many of her office colleagues. There’s a buzz in the air, and it’s not coffee-induced.

“It’s infectious and addicting,” said Dow, who’s been attending classes faithfully for two years. “You start seeing results, and you want more. Everyone is pushing everyone else to improve. It’s more about community and camaraderie than competition.”

When Reed changes the Workout of the Day or WOD from what is posted on the website, he draws few complaints from his class. They know better.

“You just go with it,” Dow added. “There’s no point in complaining, you’re not going to walk out.”

Indeed, more and more are walking into the Crossfit Peak Performance studio as the ultimate way to jump-start their day.

After completing his WOD in a little more than a half-hour, Ed Rodriguez, Shelley’s brother, caught his breath, mopped his brow, socialized for a few minutes and prepared to run back home.

“I’ll go home, shower, get the suit on and head to work,” Rodriguez said, physically strengthened and mentally fortified to confront the new day.

CrossFit Peak Performance offers a variety of classes and plans, catering to a vast range of clients, from beginners to advanced. For more information, visit the website at, email or call (909) 592-5919.