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HEALTH & FITNESS: Trendy Fitness Results Is Definitely in the Zone

May 19, 2013
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A Bouldering We Go: Owner Lance McCullough and Fitness Results member Jen Schiller think the new bouldering wall at Fitness Results rocks.

A Bouldering We Go: Owner Lance McCullough and Fitness Results member Jen Schiller think the new bouldering wall at Fitness Results rocks.

“Trending” seems to be the hot new buzzword in our culture. A hot new restaurant is trending, a stylish new designer is trending, a small-budget movie, destined to become a cult classic, is trending.

If so, in the world of health and fitness, Upland-based Fitness Results owned by former bench press champion Lance McCullough is definitely trending.

Fitness Results has always been a go-to place for people serious about their health and fitness, but since McCullough doubled the size of his fitness center to 6,000-square feet in March, his gym has become a palace for Pilates, Kangoo Jumps classes, bouldering, resistance training, TRX and RIP TRX suspension training, boot camps, and a growing menu of specialty classes designed to make you stronger, leaner, more coordinated and better balanced.

“It’s the best gym in the area, and I’ve been to a lot of them,” said Jen Schiller, who was at the gym 20 minutes early to stretch before her private supervised fitness session. “They just cater to the customer all the time.”

McCullough spared no expense in expanding Fitness Results. His pro shop is stocked with pre- and post-workout supplements and stacked with Kangoo Jump shoes, TRX training kits and other fitness-related aids. Kangoo Jump shoes help people jump their way to fitness with low-impact exercises designed to reduce body fat, firm legs, arms, thighs, abdomen and hips, increase agility, strengthen muscles and provide aerobic benefits.

“When you put these shoes on, they produce a trampoline effect,” McCullough said. “They are the most efficient and effective exercise yet designed by man, and they’re endorsed by NASA, so that’s a pretty big statement.”

For the curious and uninitiated, Fitness Results offers free Kangoo Jumps classes from 7:30 to 8:15 p.m. on Wednesdays and from 9 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. on Saturdays.

Meanwhile, the TRX Supension Trainer, a strap-like device, is a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete literally hundreds of exercises.

“The TRX trainer was developed by the Navy Seals,” McCullough said. “When you’re in the military, you can’t bring a whole gym along, but you can bring the TRX trainer with you and hang it from a rafter or attach to a door mount or a tree or an armored vehicle.

“It’s like a Pilates machine, but you’re using your body weight and changing the stress on it by changing the angle of your body.”

Everywhere you look in the new Fitness Zone, you can see McCullough’s new angle on fitness. For example, once inside, you can’t miss the 12-foot high bouldering wall. Bouldering is a type of rock climbing without the use of a rope. It emphasizes very short climbs over a crash pad or bouldering mat, which helps cushion any fall.

“Bouldering is great for targeting muscles in the arms, chest, back and legs,” McCullough said. “It increases muscle mass and tone. Just look at the bodies of rock climbers. They are are extremely fit and lean and boast amazing core strength.”

Also on the main floor, you’ll find peg boards, kettle bells, rebounders, bands, and balance and stability balls. Upstairs along the mezzanine, there are 20 feet of monkey bars, heavy bags for kick boxing, stair climbers and 50 feet of battle ropes.

“There is always something different here to help you reach that next level of fitness,” Schiller said. “My husband does Iron Man competitions and he’ll come and work out with me because there is always something new to challenge him.”

Fitness Results’ other competitive edge is its staff of elite personal trainers, including McCullough, Jill McAlpin, Rodney Harris, Errol Stump, Risa Anderson and Erasmo Flores. Although they are all certified or group trainers, they each have their specialties. Lance won the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) World Bench Press Championship in 1998; McAlpin is a nonpareil pilates instructor; Harris is a former college gridiron star; Stump is an ex-swimming champion; Anderson has choreographed for the Los Angeles Clippers; and Flores won the U.S. Army’s Best Sapper 2007 competition.

“It’s a military competition to show how fit you are and how well you can make decisions under extreme physical stress,” McCullough explained. “There are different challenges, like blowing up a bridge, and dismantling an IED and swimming across a lake with a heavy backpack on.”

McCullough has been preaching health and fitness for three decades, a mantra that is only becoming more fervent. “Our passion is to help people get fit,” McCullough said. “Part of that is staying on the cutting edge, hence the Kangoo shoes, the suspension training, the bouldering and other innovations we’re constantly making.

“When the economy got soft, we had to say, ‘Wait a minute, we’re great with personal training, but what else can we do, how else can improve your fitness experience?’

“Here we believe that if you stagnate, you’ll be left behind, so we started adding more group classes – both big and small – and more specialized classes and boot camps. We dedicated ourselves to encompassing a broader array of fitness options.”

McCullough backed up that belief by doubling down, improving and enhancing a gym that was already among the valley’s best, if not the best. He shared his vision for the ultimate fitness center with George Gibson and Marty Thouvenell of George Gibson Construction, and they carried it out exquisitely.

For McCullough, he has found that proverbial sweet spot in the health and fitness industry. He is unquestionably in the zone.

You might say, he’s TRENDING right now!


For a free tour, consultation or introductory Kangoo class, call (909) 608.1780 or visit Fitness Results is located at 1842 West 11th Street, Unit G in Upland, Calif.

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