Brain Boosters to Conduct Free Autism Workshop at LeRoy Haynes Center, March 28

March 9, 2013
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Workshop leaders Bob and Marilyn Mungia

Workshop leaders Bob and Marilyn Mungia

Bob and Marilyn Mungia, owners and directors of “Brain Boosters – Centers for Success” in Claremont, will share neurological “insights” which they have gained while administering more than 81,000 30-minute neurofeedback sessions as they apply to individuals on the autism spectrum during a free autism workshop this month on the topic “Sensory Overload – Getting Control,” sponsored by the School for Autism at the LeRoy Haynes Center in La Verne.

They will focus on how their information relates to the temperament and personality of individuals on the autism spectrum and with special needs.

“These children struggle with sensory overload, sleep problems, low social ability and undesirable behavior such as tantrums and rigidity,” Bob Mungia said.  “You will gain an understanding of the brain and technological processes that can be improved when a brain is trained with neurofeedback.”

Mungia said the insights will enable parents to build their ability to experience more success with their children.
“You’ll learn about the effects of psychological and social stress on mental processes, and how they can be trained to improve sleep, focus, behavior and calm sensory overload that fuels tantrums,” he added.

The autism training and informational workshop is scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, for parents and teachers of children who have or may have autism.

While there is no charge for the event, reservations are encouraged due to space limitations in the Family Resource Center at LeRoy Haynes Center.  For reservations, please contact the LeRoy Haynes Center at (909) 593-2581.

The Neurofeedback Centers for Success offer drug-free solutions that are beneficial for stabilizing and normalizing brain function. The solutions encompass a spectrum of symptoms stemming from physical, social and mental deficits. Whether individuals suffer from chronic pain, seizures, mood swings, panic attacks, stroke, traumatic brain injury or related symptoms, the Neurofeedback Centers for Success can help individuals overcome symptoms and realize their fullest potential.

The training, part of an on-going series of highly successful and informative workshops, is designed to provide information to parents who typically face numerous challenges with their children who have autism or related disorders.

Autism occurs in one out of 150 births in the United States.

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