And the Wiener is … The Corner Butcher Shop – Voted Best Hot Dog!

May 31, 2012
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Link up at the Corner Butcher Shop, home of the No. 1 hot dog!

Link up at the Corner Butcher Shop, home of the No. 1 hot dog!

John and Will Fuelling, owners of the Corner Butcher Shop, can’t help it if they’re feeling a little high on the dog these days. Their frankfurters, made on the premises, were voted “Best Hot Dog” by readers of Inland Empire Magazine.

“We’re probably the only artisanal hot dog made in Southern California,” John said. “Ever since we put our banner up, we can’t keep the hot dogs in stock.”

John says their dogs are the genuine articles, made from all of their prime beef trimmings, to which Eric, their English master sausage maker, adds about 15 different seasons before squeezing the ground and blended sausage into natural casings and smoking them at 240 degrees, with a holding internal temperature of 140 degrees.

“What’s it take to make a good hot dog,” we asked, hoping to learn a few trade secrets. “A good Englishman,” said Eric, who has been making hot dogs for 45 years.

The burgers and potato salad are great, too.

The burgers and potato salad are great, too.

John acknowledged the current hot dog wars competing for the consumer’s dollar.

“There are a lot of hot dog places out there,” John said. “They’re all about the toppings. We’re all about the meat. We keep it simple, catsup, mustard, relish, onions — sometimes, we’ll throw some chili on there.

 “I’m not going down to buy Vienna all-beef hot dogs or ballpark franks and then try to make them gourmet by putting on gourmet toppings.

” We’ll use our gourmet meat to make our gourmet hot dogs.”

At the Corner Butcher Shop, hot dog lovers can also request nitrate-free frankfurters.

“People come with their dietary needs and we accommodate them,” John said.

Put their frankfurters to the test, and see if you agree with the majority of Inland Empire Magazine readers who named their dogs No. 1.

The Corner Butcher Shop is located at 2359 Foothill Blvd, in the Panera Bread shopping center. Or call, (909) 596-6345.

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