For ‘Business of the Year’ Owner Mark Levy, It’s one Pet Project After Another

May 30, 2012
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Despite being named "Business of the Year," Mark Levy is back at work, satisfying another four-legged customer.

Despite being named "Business of the Year," Mark Levy is back at work, satisfying another four-legged customer.

Palace Pet Salon and owner Mark Levy have been named La Verne’s Business of the Year by the La Verne Chamber of Commerce. Frankly, Mark is a unique animal, so the Chamber wasn’t barking up the wrong tree in presenting him with this richly deserved award. 

When he and his family opened Palace Pet Salon in 2007, their goal was to become the premier pet grooming shop for La Verne and surrounding area residents. In order to offer the best, Mark knew he would have to staff The Palace with only the most outstanding experienced employees.

“The staff of Palace Pet Salon is comprised of truly THE BEST OF THE BEST,” Mark said. “I love my “kids” like a very proud Papa. Once in a while, they even let me pitch in. I have the scars to prove it.”

As a result of their treating and greeting both pet and pet owners warmly and affectionately, Palace Pet Salon now counts customers in the thousands.

“This was only made possible because of my wonderful and caring staff, the loyalty of the City of La Verne and area residents, and the warmth and presence of the La Verne Chamber of Commerce,” Mark said.

To that support, add the fact that Mark has never been one to sit still. In the past year, he instituted a unique service, Splash and Dash for Dogs, that offers unlimited bathing for a very low monthly fee. This service not only keeps the precious puppies clean and healthy, but also provides a very economical solution for the Pet Family. Splash and Dash has been greatly embraced by the community with Splash and Dash membership topping more than 300 participants in less than a year.

Mark has stated many times that the secret to his success is that “THERE IS NO SECRET.”

“Just be sensitive to your clients’ needs, whether they have four legs or just two,” Mark added.

Mark also takes great pride in being a member of the La Verne business community, so, in gratitude for what the La Verne Chamber has given to Palace Pet Salon, he instituted Chamber Tuesdays, pledging a portion of the Palace’s proceeds every month. Moreover, he serves as chairman of the Chamber Ambassadors, a member on the Chamber board and emcee at many Chamber events.

This last duty, serving as master of ceremonies, is a natural for Mark, who has been known to ham it up more than some of the show dogs he regularly grooms. Mark very proudly is a veteran of the United States Army, during which he served as an entertainer and disc jockey with Armed Forces Radio and Television during the Viet Nam era.

“I wasn’t that guy screaming GOOOOD MORNING, VIETNAM … but, I did yell out GOOOOOD MORNING, ITALY.”

Because of his passion for theater, Mark has appeared in many theatrical productions of the last half century. Another magnificent obsession of his is playing in Texas Hold-Em Poker tournaments, one of which he helped organize as a Chamber fundraiser last month.

“I’m most proud, however, of my wonderful family,” Mark said. He and his wife Kathleen, “the love of my life,” have three sons: David, a multi talented English/Drama teacher in Manhattan Beach; Michael, an accomplished pet groomer and father of Mark’s two grandsons; and Joshua, an accomplished musician and Psychology student.

The Levys have been proud La Verne residents since 1984. Mark is a graduate of California State University at Los Angeles where he attained his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. He also has a background in education with Masters work in Educational Psychology at Wayne State University.

Next time you have a chance, drop in and say hello to Mark, who is located in the Old Von’s shopping center and don’t forget to inquire about his next Pet Project!

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