ABC News Features Gainey Ceramics in its ‘Great Made in America Christmas’ Campaign

December 1, 2011
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Visit Gainey's retail shop to buy some unique American-made gifts this holiday season.

Visit Gainey's retail shop to buy some unique American-made gifts this holiday season.

Gainey Ceramics of La Verne is one of the nation’s leading companies to get Americans to buy, well, American.

The company is listed on the “ABC World News” map showing where Americans can buy American-made products.

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer has been running a special holiday campaign called “The Great Made in America Christmas,” promoting the idea that if every American spent just $64 on one item that was “Made in the U.S.A,” it would help create 200,000 American jobs. Sixty-four dollars is less than 10 percent of what the average spends on holiday gifts, ABC said.

Nothing could be more American than Gainey Ceramics. The third-generation, family-owned company produces 100 percent of its products at its six-acre La Verne factory, which also features a new retail shop at its Arrow Hwy. location.

“We are also environmentally friendly with every ceramic piece we make containing 25 percent recycled material,” added owner Steve Gainey.

To learn more about “The Great Made in America Christmas,” please visit the link:

“We are proud to support and be listed on the map of ABC World News as ‘American Made’ and hope everyone will support this campaign to help our fellow Americans this Christmas,” Gainey said. “Putting Americans back to work and reducing our nation’s current 9 percent unemployment rate may be the best present for us all.”

Shop Gainey at 1200 Arrow Hwy. in La Verne or online at

Have a Green and very happy buy-America holiday!

For more about Gainey, enter “Gainey in the search bar on La Verne Online to read about the company’s long history here in La Verne.

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