Pope Coming to La Verne/San Dimas

July 28, 2011
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The life of Pope John Paul II will be celebrated in a special two-act drama at Holy Name of Mary in August.

The life of Pope John Paul II will be celebrated in a special two-act drama at Holy Name of Mary in August.

One of the most influential Popes in modern history is coming to La Verne/San Dimas, via a one-man drama called LOLEK, which commemorates the life and legacy of Blessed Pope John Paul II (1920 – 2005). To be presented at Holy Name of Mary Church on Friday, Aug. 26, the two-act drama will take audiences on an inspiring journey through the most formative years of Karol Wojtyla’s (Voy-tee-wa) young adulthood growing up in Nazi Occupied Poland during World War II.

LOLEK is an original play written and acted by international performer Jeremy D. Stanbary, the founder of Epiphany Studio Productions. Jeremy developed LOLEK during the summer of 2003 and first produced the play in November of 2003. Since 2003, LOLEK has consistently been one of the most popular touring dramas offered by Epiphany Studio Productions, having been performed for thousands of audience members throughout the United States and Canada as well as at World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, Australia.
This professional drama brings to life the amazing experiences and events, which formed the great man that the world came to know as Pope John Paul II. Universal interest among Catholics and non-Catholics alike has surged over the years regarding the life and legacy of John Paul II, who is widely recognized to be one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century.

LOLEK was meticulously researched and is faithfully based on historical facts from the life of Karol Wojtyla. The play combines great acting, the poetry and thought of John Paul II, professional theatrical lighting, a beautiful set design, and a moving musical score, providing a powerful, inspirational and artistic cultural experience that the whole family will enjoy.

Together, these elements help portray the monumental and mysterious figure of John Paul II, including the fascinating and tragic circumstances that helped form and influence his thought and spiritual life. These essentials underscore the purpose of this play and continue to fuel the drama’s popular appeal.

Epiphany Studio Productions was started in June of 2003 as an educational, non-profit 501 (c) (3) Catholic Theater Production Company. After receiving a degree in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in acting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Stanbary desired to combine his passion for theater and the arts with his passion for his Christian faith. Through Epiphany Studio Productions, Stanbary is able to produce his original small cast theater productions and travel with them both nationally and internationally, wherever he is invited to perform.

“I consider it a humbling privilege and an honor to be offering unique and artistic plays that proclaim new epiphanies of beauty in our time,” Stanbary said. “Not only are the plays that we perform in demand, but they are long overdue and meet a real need in our contemporary culture.”

Tickets are $20 in advance up to Aug. 15, then $25 after. They are $10 for students up to 17 years old. Holy Name of Mary Church is located at 724 E. Bonita Ave. in San Dimas. For more box office information, please call Tessie at (626) 825-8587, Faye at (909)-2804 or Gil at (626) 974-5306.

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