Ramona Basketball Teams Shine Again!

February 3, 2011
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Taylor Riggs, whose father Coach Mike Riggs gave her the keys to the car, drives around a defender

Taylor Riggs, whose father Coach Mike Riggs gave her the keys to the car, drives around a defender

A little past the midway point in the season, LaVerneOnline got to check in on three of Ramona’s basketball coaches — Cory Hanson, 8th grade boys; Mike Riggs, 7th grade girls coach and also Ramona athletic director; and Dannell Soto, 7th grade boys – to see how their squads are performing.

Hanson — 8th grade boys (5-1)

“I think our depth is better than last year,” said Hanson, in his second year as head coach of the 8th grade boys. “Sometimes, however, we lack focus. When we get hit in the mouth or play a really physical team, that can take us out of our offense. That’s what happened in our one loss. We didn’t transition well, we didn’t work the middle and we relied on shooting too many treys.”

Coach Hanson said Andy Torices, who plays on three different teams, has been an early standout performer. “He knows the game, he knows when to push and when to slow it down, and he plays with intensity.”

8th grade boys

8th grade boys

Players pictured are (front, from left): Christian Cobian, Kyle Gray, David Neff, Kenny Walters, Alec Tiscareno, Kelton Williams. Back, from left: Ashton Mclaurin, Joey Patton, Justin Diaz, Justin Gomez, Jacob Burris, Andy Torices, Raymond Hertenstein, and Meteen Abrahim

Riggs – 7th grade girls (6-1). Coach Riggs is assisted by Mr. Parra.

“This is one of the most improved teams I’ve ever had,” said Riggs, who is also Ramona’s athletic director. “We were really inexperienced starting. I think we had only four girls who had ever played before, and now each game they’re getting better and better and better. It’s been a real rewarding experience.”

Early standouts: “Taylor has done a good job of leading the team. Kayla is probably my most improved player. She’s really picking up the game well. All the girls are playing hard.”

Hardest thing to teach the girls at this level: “All the contact there is in basketball,” Riggs said.


Waiting for their turn to reenter the game.

Waiting for their turn to reenter the game.

7th grade roster includes: Olivia Handy, Tesia Wilson, Madison Johnson, Michelle Vasquez, Taylor Riggs, Jessica Anthony, Kayla Deherrera, Alex Lucero, Angie Morales, Bryn Delao, Jenna Gotte, Ms. Hanawalt and Natalie Sanchez.

Soto — 7th grade boys (undefeated)

“Our kids are good because they work well together,” Soto said. We also have size and speed.”

Early standouts:

Caleb Ting, who is already 6-feet tall. “He’s got skills under the basket. He’s a good rebounder and he’s a good shooter under the basket.”

Anthony Cascarano: “He’s a mean three-point shooter.”

Tyler Poepping: “He’s the smallest guy on the court, but also the quickest. He’s the best shooter and he’s the best ball handler.” That’s a lot of superlatives for one player.

Russell Hernandez: “He’s all-around. I can put him anywhere. I can put him as guard, I can put him as forward, I can put him as center, and he will hold his own. He’s our team captain.”

Mahsood Ebrahim: “He’s got good style, good form and he’s another of my excellent ball handlers.”

Josh Peifer: “Anywhere I put him, he does a great job.”

After the interview, Soto’s team rolled to a 41-25 victory over Las Palmas. Josh Peifer led all scorers with 12 points.

7th grade team

7th grade team

Players Pictured: Eric Zhong, Dylan Franco, Kurtis Redman, Tyler Poepping (middle) Mahsood Ebrahim, Nick Peifer, Dylan Erickson, Karl Berry, Yoofi Amonoo, (back) Russell Hernadez, Josh Peifer, Caleb Ting, Anthony Cascarano, Sean Dennis.


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